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Anti-Aging Facial

Take years off the look of your skin with our deluxe Anti-Aging Facial treatments. Our special age-defying formula helps to dramatically lift, tighten, and firm facial skin to provide fresh, younger looking skin. The combination of our effective facial formula and professional massage therapy techniques offer a relaxing process that will rejuvenate your skin and leave you with a youthful glow. Our Anti-Aging Facial works to improve the texture, clarity, and tone of your skin to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines. We offer both 60 and 80-minutes Anti-Aging Facial options allowing you to determine which treatment type is right for you.

 60 / 80 minutes   $ 70 / 80 

Acne Clarifying Facial

Restore your skin and regain your confidence with our Acne Clarifying Facial treatment. This specialized treatment helps to reduce blemishes, diminish scarring, and alleviate inflammation associated with facial acne. Our exceptional acne clarifying formula includes a highly effective combination of exfoliating enzymes, sulfur, and probiotics to provide a deep cleansing that removes excess oil, dirt, and other unwanted agents from your skin, and clears congested pores to minimize acne breakouts. Our facials help to moisturize your skin and work to restore the natural look of your skin. Through regular treatments, you can fight acne and obtain the acne-free skin you desire. We offer both a 60-minute and 80-minute Acne Clarifying Facial treatment options.

 60 / 80 minutes   $ 70 / 85

Non-Surgical Facelift Facial

Receive the benefits of a facelift without surgery with our Non-Surgical Facelift Facial. This facial option has the power to tone, firm, and lift your skin. We use the micro-current process, which uses a pain-free electric stimulant to strengthen specific muscle tissues located just under the skin. As these muscles gain strength, your skin will lift and tone instantly. This non-surgical facelift treatment can reduce the signs of aging by lifting sagging skin, removing crow’s feet, and diminishing the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Our Non-Surgical Facelift Facial also is ideal for those that want to fade acne scarring or struggle with rosacea. Best of all, our facelift facial helps to re-hydrate your skin to ensure you regain that youthful glow. We offer both a 60-minute and 80-minute Non-Surgical Facelift Facial treatment option.

60 / 80 minutes   $ 85 / 95 

LED Light Treatment Facial

Our LED Light Treatment Facial sometimes referred to as Color Light Therapy, is a safe, non-invasive treatment that uses the same technology developed by NASA. It uses a special color combination of LED lights to reach into the deepest layer of the skin. This deep-tissue treatment promotes collagen and elastin production, which helps to rejuvenate your skin and smooth out wrinkles and other skin blemishes. This treatment also helps to destroy bacteria under the skin which can lead to acne breakouts. Our LED Light Treatment Facials are ideal for those with deep lines, wrinkles, and scarring, as well as those combating acne. We offer a full 30-minute LED Light Treatment Facial.

30 minutes   $ 50 

Brighten Up Facial

Hyperpigmentation, such as sun spots, age spots, freckles, and melasma, is a skin condition that affects many people. It causes a darkening of the skin at specific locations on the face, neck, and arms. Our Brighten Up Facial works to combat the effects of these hyperpigmentation conditions by minimizing the look of the darkened spots on your face and evening out your facial skin tones. These treatments help to restore the natural look of your face and rejuvenate your skin. Our Brighten Up Facial also is effective at diminishing the appearance of acne scarring. We offer both a 60-minute and 80-minute Bright Up Facial treatment option.

60  / 80 minutes   $ 70 / 80

Lux Beauty Signature Facial

If you’re ready to pamper yourself, our comprehensive Lux Beauty Signature Facial is the perfect option for you. Our signature facial provides the ultimate spa experience, and it is ideal for both men and women of all ages. Our perfect balance of high-quality facial formula and remarkable facial massage techniques works to create a relaxing experience that brings peace and balance to your skin, body, and mind. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy one of our relaxing 40-minute or 60-minute signature facials, while our experts work to tone your facial and neck skin, restore elasticity to your skin, and leave your skin with an amazing glow that can take years off your look.

40 / 60  minutes   $ 65 / 70 

Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extension – Classic Lashes

Improve the color, fullness, and length of your eyelashes with our Lash Extension – Classic Lashes services. You can have the gorgeous eyes you have always wanted and say goodbye to your mascara once and for all. Our Classic Lashes are applied by attaching one lash extension to every natural eyelash surrounding your eyes. You can choose the type of lash extension you want to use to provide you with a custom look, but we can attach only as many lash extensions as you have natural eyelashes. We sell only high-quality lash extensions that provide a comfortable feel and a natural look. Since your lash extensions will fall out naturally with your natural eyelashes, we recommend that you have a Lash Extension – Classic Lashes Refill every two to three weeks.

3 Hours   $ 200 

Lash Extensions – Dramatic Lashes

If you want to bring more volume to your lashes and achieve a truly stunning look, our Lash Extension – Dramatic Lashes service is right for you. Unlike our Classic Lashes option where only one eyelash extension is attached to each natural eyelash, our Dramatic Lashes are done by attaching multiple eyelash extensions to each natural eyelash. These eyelash extensions are typically thinner and lighter, but they work together to provide the ultimate, multi-dimensional look. We use only the highest quality eyelash extensions to ensure a comfortable feel and an amazing natural look. Since your natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions will fall out together, we recommend having a Lash Extensions – Dramatic Lashes Refill service every two to three weeks.

3 1/2 hours   $ 250

Waxing Treatments

For Men & Women


Brazilian Wax

Our Brazilian Wax is the ultimate waxing service. It allows you to go one step further than the traditional Bikini Wax and removes all unwanted hair from the front all the way to the back to your buttocks. If you desire, you can request to leave a small strip, square or triangular patch of hair in the frontal area. This wax treatment is ideal for those who love going nude and prefer having no hair left in the area. We use superior quality wax tools and supplies to minimize pain and the risk of irritation, as well as to achieve smooth skin and lasting results.

1 Hour   $ 60 

Bikini Wax

Our Bikini Wax services are designed to make sure that you look good in your bikini. We perform our bikini waxing by removing the hair at the root, which helps to exfoliate your skin, minimize irritation, and provide long-lasting results. With our Bikini Wax, all hair located along the bikini line, or sometimes referred to as the panty line, is completely removed. This includes all sides, the creases of the legs, and around the belly button area. Typically, a small strip, triangle, or square of hair, which will be hidden by the bikini, is left. The ultimate goal of a Bikini Wax is to make sure no embarrassing hairs sneak outside your bikini bottom.

1 Hour   $ 40

Lip Wax

Remove unwanted and embarrassing upper lip hair with our professional Lip Wax services. We use a safe and effective waxing cream to minimize irritation and top-quality waxing tools and products to guarantee success. Since our Lip Wax service works to remove your unwanted upper lip hair by the root, it provides smoother and longer lasting results than many other options, including shaving. Waxing also helps to exfoliate the skin by removing dead cells from the surface, which can improve the overall condition of your skin. While Lip Wax treatments will not prevent continuous hair growth on your upper lip, it can reduce this growth. For best results, we recommended scheduling regular Lip Wax appointments.

10 minutes   $ 10 

Full Leg Wax

Tired of shaving every day or don’t like the look of long hair on your legs? Then, we have the services you need. Our Full Leg Wax is the perfect solution for both women who want a fast and effective way of removing unwanted hair from their entire leg. Our Full Leg Wax removes all hair from the front, side, and back of your legs, starting at the toes and going the whole way up to the hip. We use a special wax formula that removes the hair in strips until all areas on the leg are done. Our experienced technicians use specific techniques that help to minimize any pain or irritation associated with leg waxing and to provide smooth, hair-free skin.

1 Hour  $ 60

Half Leg Wax

Unlike our Full Leg Wax that works to remove all hair from your entire leg, our Half Leg Wax only focuses on the lower half of your leg. The wax treatment removes all unwanted hair from the front, sides, and back of your leg from the toes up to just above the knee area. This waxing option is ideal for women who wear primarily dresses, skirts, capris, and longer shorts, or those that don’t want to remove the finer hair on their upper thigh. With all our waxing services, we use a specialty wax formula that results in smoother skin and less irritation. Our experienced staff will help to put you at ease and explain the entire process to you right from the start.

1 Hour   $ 30 

Full Arm Wax

Our Full Arm Wax service removes unwanted hair from your entire arm stretching from your fingers up to your shoulders. These services are perfect for those who resist wearing short-sleeved shirts or tank tops due to unwanted arm hair or for those who just want hair-free skin on their arms. Our safe and effective wax formula helps to remove hair from the root to slow regrowth. Our Full Arm Wax services result in smooth skin that lasts longer than many other hair removal options, including shaving. The entire process takes about one hour to complete, and our trained and experienced staff will put you at ease throughout the process.

1 Hour   $ 40 

Half Arm Wax

Our Half Arm Wax treatment safely and efficiently removes all hair from your arm starting at your fingers and spanning up to the elbow area. We use a specialized wax formula that removes hair at the roots to provide smooth results that can last for weeks. Our trained staff use the strip method of hair removal to minimize pain and irritation. Our Half Arm Wax service is ideal for those who want to wear short-sleeved shirts without worrying about excessive arm hair. It usually takes an average of 45 minutes to remove unwanted hair from the lower portion of both arms.

45 minutes   $ 25 

Men’s Waxing – Back Wax

Are you looking to remove all the unwanted hair from your back? Then, our Men’s Waxing – Back Wax treatment will do the trick. Our back-wax service includes the removal of all back hair starting at the shoulders and stretching down to the small of the back. We use a specialized wax formula and waxing techniques that can handle any denseness of back hair. So, no matter how thick your back hair is, we have the tools and experience to remove all the hair from your back safely and effectively. Our professional wax treatment services are designed to reduce skin irritation and minimize the pain that can be associated with back wax therapy. Our Back Wax treatment results in smooth skin that will last for weeks.

1 Hour   $ 50 

Men’s Waxing – Chest Wax

Chest Wax treatment is one of the most popular treatment options for men. Our Men’s Waxing – Chest Wax services include hair removal of the entire chest area, including the shoulders, chest, abs, and stomach. Each session takes about 60 minutes from start to finish. We use a special wax formula that allows us to remove each hair at the root. While this does not permanently stop the growth of hair on your chest, it will over time slow down the process of hair regrowth. Our professionally trained staff will work with you to make sure you obtain the exact look you want. Our Chest Wax treatment provides long-lasting results and smooth skin.

1 Hour   $ 55 

Men’s Waxing – Neck Wax

Whether you have a special upcoming event and want to look your best or you strive to look your best every day, our Men’s Waxing – Neck Wax service is right for you. This wax treatment helps to tighten up your neckline by removing the hair from the back of your neck. Our Neck Wax treatment starts at the base of the neck and goes up to the hairline. A typical service takes about 45 minutes from start to finish. We use a high-quality wax formula that leaves your skin rejuvenated and feeling smooth. As the wax pulls your hair out from the root, to provide long-lasting results, it also removes the layer of dead cells on your skin. The helps to promote healthy skin and reduces the risk of acne breakouts.

45  minutes   $ 15 

For Men

Lux Beauty Signature Facial

If you’re ready to pamper yourself, our comprehensive Lux Beauty Signature Facial is the perfect option for you. Our signature facial provides the ultimate spa experience, and it is ideal for both men and women of all ages. Our perfect balance of high-quality facial formula and remarkable facial massage techniques works to create a relaxing experience that brings peace and balance to your skin, body, and mind. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy one of our relaxing 40-minute or 60-minute signature facials, while our experts work to tone your facial and neck skin, restore elasticity to your skin, and leave your skin with an amazing glow that can take years off your look.

30 / 60 / 90 minutes   $ 65 / 80 / 100

For Men

Men’s Wax – Hand Wax

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean that you don’t want smooth hands. Some men, especially those with dense body hair, struggle with unwanted hair on their hands. In less than 30 minutes, our Hand Wax treatment can remove all your unwanted hair and leave you with the smooth hands you want. We use a safe and very effective wax formula that removes your unwanted hair from the root. Our experienced staff carefully apply the wax to your hand and use the strip method to remove the hair. This technique helps to reduce irritation and lessens any pain associated with hair removal.

30 minutes   $ 12