Maintain Your Makeup Brush With These 3 Tips

Maintain Your Makeup Brush With These 3 Tips

Applying makeup is easy with makeup brushes. But did you know maintaining your brushes makes all the difference in better application? That’s why it’s key to take care of your brushes consistently. Learn three tips for sustaining your beauty brushes for better makeup application:

1. Clean Your Beauty Tools Properly

Products can easily build up and cause your brush bristles to get matted or caked up over time if your brushes aren’t cleaned. This makes it hard to apply your makeup smoothly. Put these issues to rest by taking these steps to clean your makeup brush effectively on a weekly basis:

  • Rinse your brush by only wetting the brush bristles. Avoid wetting the handle so you don’t loosen the glue over time.
  • Apply a small amount of makeup cleanser to the brush. You can also use soap that is safe for your face.
  • Remove debris by massaging the bristles gently. Massage and clean it by swiping the brush back and forth in your palm.
  • Rinse your brush (again). Remember to avoid getting water under the handle where the bristles are glued.
  • Dry your brush. Use your fingers to press down on the brush bristles gently to get rid of any extra water. Dry your brush overnight by using a brush drying rack or laying it flat on a piece of paper towel. You can also prop your makeup brush up at an angle with the bristle side facing down. This way makes it easy for any excess water to run down the brush into the paper towel instead of settling in the handle where it may loosen the glue. If you’re drying several brushes at once, consider wrapping the edges with a rubber band to keep them balanced.

2. Discard Any Worn Out Beauty Brushes

Look for signs to replace your brush, including poor blending ability, consistent shedding, broken or cracked brush handles, and bristles that don’t return to their original shape. Holding onto these brushes can make applying your makeup challenging and uneven.

3. Repair Your Tools With Consistent Maintenance

You can repair makeup brushes with fly-away bristles by using a brush restoration liquid after drying the brush. Also, maintain your brushes by shaping the brush with your fingers to help it return to its original shape. You can also use a paper towel to help coax the shape back into place for flat makeup brushes or fluff your fluffy brush bristles against your hand. Just remember to do this on a consistent basis.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your makeup brushes in tip-top shape ensures you can apply your makeup evenly and seamlessly. Just follow these three tips to maintain your beauty brushes for a flawless makeup application.

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